How to Find a Trustworthy Property Manager

Partnering with the right property manager in East Central Illinois offers a number of unique benefits for homeowners and investors. Unfortunately, not all property managers are cut from the same cloth. If you sign a contract with an unprofessional manager, you could find yourself hemorrhaging money quickly. Rather than leaving your decision up to chance, use the following simple keys to find a trustworthy property management firm to represent your interests.

Look for Proven Experience

Any management firm can make lofty promises and talk about generating results for their clients, but keeping a rental property profitable is a tricky challenge. Ideally, property managers should have experience managing their own portfolio of investment properties. Such managers understand the pressure of being a rental landlord firsthand, and they can provide the support and guidance you need to make the right choices for your property.

Seek Out Client Feedback

Great property managers are sometimes few and far between. Positive feedback from existing tenants and clients serves as a powerful¬†tool for checking a management firm’s reputation. If you’re unfamiliar with the management company, spend some time reading testimonials online or seek out independent reviews to get the full story. You might be surprised to find that a management group that looks reputable on the surface has a less than stellar reputation.

Consider Professional Affiliations

Good Illinois property management companies network within our industry and adhere to the best practice standards established by professional affiliations. At Zindars Property Management, we’re accredited Realtors. We work with notable groups including the Illinois Association of Realtors and Central Illinois Rental Property Professionals. Any manager worth their salt should have relationships like these in place.

Schedule an In-Person Consultation

There are plenty of tools you can look to before making a decision on the right property management firm for your property, but meeting with potential teams will give you a better idea of all they have to offer. At Zindars Property Management, we welcome the opportunity to speak with potential clients about their properties. If you are looking for a manager in Champaign, Urbana, or the surrounding area, why not reach out today? We’ll be happy to provide a free quote and answer any questions you might have about the management process: (217) 372-5853