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Handling the needs of a rental property often proves overwhelming. If you're tired of the DIY management approach, why not discover how our full-service property management options can help you meet your financial goals. With the Zindars Property Management team at your side, you'll also experience the peace of mind that comes from having a trusted partner working on your behalf. 

Tenant Screening

  1. Prescreen all potential tenants by phone, email, or walk-in
  2. Show your rental property to all tenants
  3. Have each potential tenant fill out complete rental application
  4. Conduct thorough background and credit checks
    A: Verify identity of each individual over 18 years of age
    B: Pull credit report and full payment history
    C: Review history of judgements and criminal convictions
    D: Check for unlawful detainer and eviction history with county
    E: Verify Income and current employment
         • Contact employer to verify employment
         • Collect two most recent pay stubs (tax returns if self-employed)
    F: Contact past landlords to learn about renters behavior,payment history, property condition


Lease Signing

  1. Secure tenants deposit with certified funds and secure deposit prior to move-in and deposit security funds in escrow during lease term.
  2. Prepare lease agreement and have tenants/management sign it
  3. Issue keys to tenant
  4. Provide move-in information to tenants
  5. Ensure tenants change utilities over to their name during lease term

Lease Enforcement

  1. Collect Rent
  2. Actively attempt to collect unpaid tenant balances
  3. Enforce lease terms
  4. Enforce city ordinances/violations
  5. Act as designated point of contact for tenant
  6. Post legal notices/assist with evictions



Jim Miller

It's Been a Pleasure Working with Tyler

Tyler Zindars has been a business customer of our Bank since 2011. Tyler does quality restoration work and his properties are in excellent condition when his tenants move in.

Jim Miller, Vice President, Commercial Lending
First State Bank


Tyler Zindars Sets the Standard

Mr. Zindars displayed the utmost professionalism, personal attentiveness, and haste to emergencies I have encountered ever with a landlord. Tyler sets the standard of how a property owner should treat tenants.

Matt Palmisano, Satisfied Tenant

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Proven & Trusted


A nice and quiet neighborhood

The property is well managed and maintained. Tyler is a very good landlord and I would recommend him to anyone. He has been very prompt and understanding of my concerns.

Tyler Dill, Satisfied Tenant

We've Rented with Zindars for 2 Years

Zindars Properties is a great company to rent from. Anytime we needed something fixed or done, Zindars Properties was right there. The house we rented was completely remodeled and clean when we moved in.

Jason & Brandi Andres, Satisfied Tenants


"I have been a tenant of Zindars Property Management for 4 yrs. They have always been responsive to any maintenance requests I,ve had, which have been few since the property is so well maintained inside and outside. It was beautifully updated when I moved in with quality materials. I have been proud to call it my home. I highly recommend any home or apartment that they manage. It has been a very positive experience for me. And, I must add that Tyler and Alexis Zindars are caring people who truly want their tenants to be happy in their properties, Jessica, who is their indispensable assistant, is pretty great too!"

-Cheryl Sprague, Satisfied Tenant

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