Celebrating the Launch of Our Newly Redesigned Website

Today, we’re excited to be announcing the launch of our brand new website, the online home of Zindars Property Management. We’re committed to delivering the best service possible for our customers in East Central Illinois, and we knew it was time to give our old website a facelift. We turned to the experts at DoorGrow, one of the leaders in property management website design. Together with DoorGrow’s team of marketing gurus, designers, and developers, we’ve built a website that reflects the overall vision of our brand. After several weeks of collaboration, we’re thrilled to share the new site with you all.

DoorGrow worked to highlight some of the unique selling points that make Zindars Property Management a savvy partner for property owners of all sizes. Our website not only provides plenty of information for interested clients to consider, but it also offers additional functionality for existing tenants and clients. We’d like to take a few moments now to explore some of best features of our new site.

Enhanced Digital Listings for Our Vacancies

Our digital listings have received a major upgrade, with available rentals clearly outlined for potential renters to consider. Interested renters can request a showing directly online, and we even give prospects the ability to apply for a home using the website. We’re saying goodbye to the endless paper trail and embracing a cleaner approach to managing vacancies. Not only does this system help tenants find our properties more easily, but it also should cut down on vacancy rates, generating additional profits for homeowners.

Portals for Tenants and Clients

Getting in touch with our team shouldn’t feel like an impossible mission. We’ve strived to streamline the process by incorporating digital portals on our website that make it easy to reach out. With just a few simple clicks, both tenants and homeowners can log in to their accounts. The tenant portal allows our renters to request maintenance service or pay their monthly rent bill. Owners have access to their financial statements and inspection notes in their portal, as well as contact information.

Comprehensive Information about Our Team

Finding the right property manager is a challenging equation for many homeowners. At Zindars Property Management, we strive to foster personal relationships with every client we serve. Our updated About section includes photographs of our team, a detailed history of our company, and information about the services we provide. We want all of our clients to feel safe choosing to work hand-in-hand with our talented team.

As we launch this brand new site, we’d like to give a shoutout to the team at DoorGrow for their hard work making this possible. We also invite all of our customers to take a few moments looking over the new site. We’d love to hear your feedback!  Looking to the future, we know there are great things ahead for Zindars Property Management. The development of our new website is merely one milestone marking what is sure to be an incredible journey for our clients and team.